** My New Family ** Rigley


“Hey, little girl, is your daddy home? Did he go and leave you all alone? I got a bad desire. Only you can cool my desire. Oh, I’m on fire!” I was on a mission. I was on fire. And then….wow! True love. Love at first sight. All that gushy stuff and so much more! I’m living it up here in my new loving forever home with my new mom, Jill! I’ve also got two human siblings, Baylee & Chance, that keep me company. It’s great having three laps to choose from. I read the moods. I pick one. I go for it! And repeat! Mom reports in that they just love me! I’m fitting in great! And I love my large, 2-acre homestead! So many places to explore! And when the day winds down, it’s mom’s lap that calls my name! Perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Rigley