Paw Paw (aka Papa Bear; being fostered in Austin)


 My name is PawPaw and I am eight year, 18 lb. schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’ve had a rough and tumble sort of background but I’m counting my blessings now. I’m looking better and feeling better than I have in a long time. My foster mom says I’m so handsome I might have been a stud and have many children here in Texas. Wow! Those days are over, I’ve been neutered. I’m still an excellent watchdog. I love my foster family and hope my forever home will be like this. I need the company of adults because I just don’t do well with small children or small noisy dogs. But I do get along super with my foster sister, who is a mini Doxey and gives me my space. I like walks and do well on a leash but I don’t require a lot of exercise. I love a little bit of attention and someone who knows just where to scratch me behind my ears. Oh that’s heaven! My backyard here is not very big but I enjoy laying in the sun. I get around the yard and the house perfectly even though I do have cataracts that limit my vision. My hearing is great though and I’ll come running when you call me for supper. There is a dog bed In every room in this house, but generally I just curl up near my foster mom’s feet. My dream is to be close to the person I love who will love ❤️ me forever – – is that person you? If so, click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Paw Paw, as a dog of interest. Adoption Fee $200