** My New Family ** Papa Bear

Papa Bear - 1     Papa Bear - Adopted     Papa Bear - 3

“She’s like a ten, but better;  She leads me on, but I let her.  And I may be crazy, but all I can say is, she’s a little heart breaker, and I’m her fool.  She’s so hot, it’s hard to be cool!”  After being abandoned at a dog park, I had my doubts if I’d ever find love again.  But then they saw me. They knew.  And I knew.  They were a perfect ten in my book!  And that’s how I ended up with my new mom & dad, Barbara & Mike, in her loving forever home in north Texas!  I’ve also got a wonderful human sister named Katie.  I’m so lucky – she’s a ten too!  I hope I can be that cool!  And, not only that, I’ve got a four-legged friend, Tax, to play with! I’m going to have so much fun with my new family and I’m grateful that they chose me. Mom reports in that I’m doing great in my new home and I run and play all day!  They love me!  And that feeling is mutual!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Papa Bear