** My New Family ** Ozzie

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“I’m just a dreamer, I dream my life away.  I’m just a dreamer, who dreams of better days.  I watch the sun go down like everyone of us.  I’m hoping that the dawn will bring a sign;  A better place for those who will come after us this time.”  Sometimes I really do dream.  I dream of a place where people love their pets forever.  Where people are responsible.  Where people show real love.  I knew that such places exist…and now I found such a place!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Maria & Terry, and my young human sibling, Vegas!  He’s young like me and we’re going to have a great time growing up together!  I was just what mom & dad were looking for and that landed me the ultimate in forever homes!  The perfect home!  Mom & dad report in that I’m doing awesome and I love my new big yard!  I love my friend Vegas and he loves that I follow him around everywhere!  I’m feeding his ego!  And he’s being my friend!  It works!  Dad says I’ve been the perfect sleeping partner too! They said I’m perfect…like no dog they’ve ever seen!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Ozzie