** My New Family ** Oliver

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“Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse! Are you ready for a perfect storm? ‘Cause once you’re mine, there’s no going back!” They are mine. They are all mine! I might have been a dark horse coming into this race but I’m the big winner now that I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom & dad, Shanna & Alan! I also have some great human siblings – Caroline, Evan, Katie & Madeline! Caroline is away at Texas A&M…maybe I can be an Aggie! There will never be a shortage of laps to sit in. And never a shortage of love! In addition to a loving family, I have two great four-legged friends Klaus & Weston! They’re showing me how to do things right…and how to get an occasional treat! I love it here. It’s perfect! News flash! Mom & dad are adopting Mickey as well – now there will be even more fun! Wow! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Oliver