** My New Family ** Abigail (previously Noodles)


“Do you see what I see? I star, a star, dancing in the night with a tail as big as a kite!” When I found my forever home, it was definitely a star with a tail as big as a kite! I’m SO happy here! I’m with my new mom & dad, Monica & John, and my three human siblings, Ian and twins Maddie & Katie! The girls love to play veterinarian with me. Bandaids on the paws, checking out my heartbeat. To me? It’s belly rubs…and I love that! It’s perfect! Mom & dad report in say that I’ve been awesome with the kids and they are thrilled & lucky to have me! Now that’s the way you do ‘forever home’! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Abigail