** My New Family ** Peaches

IMG_2099     photo

“Our drawl will drive you crazy when we wink and call you baby;  You don’t stand a chance once you’ve seen a southern lady!  Whoa, ain’t nothing sweeter than us Georgia Peaches!”  Just a peach.  Yea, I like that name.  Sweet as a peach!  Oh, stop it.  No, keep going!  That’s what I kept telling my new mom, Patti, all the way back to my new forever home in Austin!  I got a fine four-legged man here named Wally who watches out for me.  You bet Wally…you can be boss.  Protect those southern peaches!  Good boy!  Mom knew just what she and Wally needed and am I ever glad I fit the bill!  I love my home.  I love my mom!  And you too, Wally!  I’ll always be a peach!  Mom reports in that I’m the most loving dog she’s ever had!  Wally and I have become best friends and mom has even found us squeezed into one small doughnut bed together!  Mom has a granddaughter, Olive, and we love each other.  We’re constant companions when she comes to the house for fun!  At SRT, it really was ‘All About Me!’  Hugs – Peaches