** My New Family ** Oreo (Previously Gulliver)

Oreo 3     IMG_7130     Oreo 2

Hi I’m Gulliver and I’m a puppy.  “We’ll adopt him and his new name is Oreo!”  It really seemed to happen just that fast!  One minute I felt like a boy nobody wanted and the next minute I’m in the loving home of my new mom & dad, Stacey & Sean, and the coolest human brother ever, Ryne!  Ryne is six years old that that’s like less than one year in dog years.  So yea…we are having a blast.  Let me lick your ear again!  I absolutely love my new home.  It’s got everything I need….fun, love, toys, love, fun.  And love!  Mom reports in that things are better than ever.  I love Ryne and he loves me.  We play fetch, we run and and we play all day.  I also love our trips to the park.  In short, I just love being with my new family!  Perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Oreo