** My New Family ** Cutie

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Facebook is a powerful thing.  You put a face like mine out on Facebook and poof!  Just like that, I’m in loving forever home!  I’m with my new mom, JoAnn, in her loving home!  I’ve also got a great four-legged best friend named Cody!  Mom’s daughter has three Schnauzers that come to visit sometimes, Cagney, Lacey and Petie.  And mom’s son has a Schnauzer named Frida that also stops by weekly.  Oh, and there’s a cat named Agatha.  I get along with her too!  It’s a party here each week and we dogs have some fun times together.  But it’s the time with mom that I value most.  Quiet cuddles and a chance for me to show that I’m appreciative of what she’s given me here.  It’s perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Cutie