** My New Family ** Buddy

IMG_2250     Buddy - 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  That’s what my new dad, Russ – he’s in the Air Force shirt (thanks for your service, dad!) said to his wife when he brought me to their loving forever home!  That’s dad’s friend holding me in the picture!  Mom dad had just lost their Schnauzer after seventeen years.  Paco – he’s my new for legged best friend – and mom & dad, were really missing Boo.  They needed a friend.  A valentine even!  And that’s where I stepped in.  I know I can’t replace a friend like Boo..but I’m sure going to try to ease their pain.  A nudge here.  A smile there.  Simple cuddle time on the couch.  Yes…I think I have this down!  It’s a wonderful home and a wonderful life!  Here’s to my long, happy life here!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Buddy