** My New Family ** Bubbles


That sure didn’t take long!  With a name like Bubbles, my new family just knew I was going to be tons of fun!  Everyone loves chasing bubbles!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Fiona & Jeremy, and my two awesome human brothers, Elliott & Noah.  We’re just loving life together!  In addition to a great human family, I’ve also got a four-legged friend named Mia.  She’s small…like me!  My family is the best.  They had seen me at the shelter and fell in love with me. Then I was rescued but they didn’t know by who.  They looked far and wide until someone pointed them toward SRT.  And that’s how we became a family!  When someone loves you that much, there’s nothing else to say except, ‘this is perfect’!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Bubbles