** My New Family ** Bella Jane

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Well, that didn’t take long!  When SRT is in charge, things happen!  I barely got here when a lovely young lady, Bryn, came looking for something special.  She knew what she wanted.  And I fit the bill perfectly!  Loving.  Check.  Affectionate.  Check.  Sociable.  Double check.  Fun and active.  Triple check.  I had a whole bunch of other skills too….but no sense putting everything on display at once.  I had her at double check!  Now I’m in a loving forever home and we’re having a splendid time together!  Mom’s parents have a four-legged friend named Angel and I think we’ll get to be good playmates when we visit each other.  My new home is going to be perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Bella Jane