** My New Family ** Greta (previously Aggie)

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Like a speeding bullet!  That’s about how fast I went from being homeless to having the best forever home ever!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Mary & Mark!  M&M…hey, can I have some?!!  I love my new forever home.  I have a very nice playmate, Miss Lucy, and she’s doing all the things a great friend would do.  We sleep here.  We do our business there.  And two small dog kisses get mom & dad to open the treat bag!  Now who wouldn’t like to have a friend like that?!! I love being outside and mom & dad built me a fence so I could play more! I really love it here. I think part of it is my new name. Did you know you can rearrange Greta and spell ‘great’?! I like that! Mom reports in that I’m thriving in my new home. I’m super sweet and I love being outside (when I can’t be in their arms of course)! I’m very inquisitive and I still enjoy searching through the house for things I haven’t seen or smelled yet. I know I belong here and if I could have my pick of any forever home, I’d pick this one right here! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Greta