** My New Family ** Mandy

Mandy - 3     Mandy - 2     Mandy - 1

“Yesterday’s a dream, I face the morning.  Crying on a breeze, the pain is calling.  Oh Mandy;  well you came and you gave without taking.  But I sent you away oh, Mandy!”  They sure did.  They sent me away (and didn’t treat me all that well when they did have me).  Little did they know of my powers.  I can kiss you and stop you from shaking!  But my foster parents knew it!  They cared for me.  And I loved them!  And then, the best outcome of all…they welcomed me to their loving forever home!  I’m with my mom & dad, Kimberly & Earl!  They’ve been great friends of SRT and also adopted Fergie previously.  I love her too! Plus I have Kyle & Elcee as four-legged friends too.  Mom & dad have a heart for seniors.  We’re so calm, so cuddly, so appreciative!  I’m glad I met people with big hearts!  My home is perfect!  Everyone here gets another kiss!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Mandy