** My New Family ** Lizzy

noid-IMG_7867    LIzzy - Adopted     Lizzy - Adopt 3

“I’m not meant to just stay quiet, I’m meant to be a lion!  I’ll roar beyond a song, with every moment that I’ve got!  True to who you are, you saw my heart and made something out of nothing!”  Isn’t it neat when your dreams come true?  Isn’t it special when someone loves you unconditionally?  And isn’t it fun when the best part of the day is just being with your family?  Those few sentences describe my life with my new mom & dad, Crystal & Dwayne, and my two terrific human siblings, Emily & David!  About the only thing I don’t do with the family is sit at the table….but sometimes I sneak that in there too!  Mom took a picture of me napping while I waited for her to finish the taxes! It’s so much fun here.  There’s so much love here.  And that’s exactly the home I was looking for!  Hugs – Lizzy