** My New Family ** Lenny

Lenny - 2     Lenny - Adopted     Lenny - 1

“Oh the saddest of sights in a world of sin;  Is the little lost pup with his tail tucked in.”  Arthur Guiterman said that.  I agree.  And my new family agreed.  And they said, let’s do something about that!  I’m now in the loving forever home of my new mom & dad, Sarah & Jack, and my new four-legged best friends, Roman & Jethro.  We’re all having such fun together.  Dad reports in that I found my comfy place on the couch (with dad right next to me) and that I’m liking rawhide bones.  They help me settle in I think.  Yea…keep ’em coming!  This is a place that I can grow and thrive.  It’s truly going to be ‘home’!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Lenny