** My New Family ** Kelly

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“Time like a river flows, twisting and turning all the way.  Life is an endless road, you’ve been with me day by day.  You are you and I am me;  You’ve made me all that I am.”  I was a mom before it was my time.  I took good care of them and SRT helped find them loving homes.  Then it was my turn!  And I think they must have saved the best home for last because I’ve got a fantastic mom & dad, Charlott & John, in a wonderful and loving forever home!  I also have a four-legged best friend named Ray.  He said he’d show me the ropes and always watch out for me.  I’m sure he said it!  Mom & dad are wondrous volunteers and with that kind of love, I know there’s going to be plenty of love for me too! I can’t wait to be a kid again…running, playing and loving!  It’s perfect here!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Kelly