** My New Family ** Jordy

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“I’ve had it to here, being where love’s a small word;  Part-time thing, paper ring.  I know it’s been done, having one girl who’ll love me;  Right or wrong, weak or strong.”  Now I have a whole family who will love me!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Ana & Marcus, and three great human siblings, Logan , Liam and Lillana!  I think I need a name with an L!  I can’t believe my luck.  I can’t believe there’s this much love in one home!  Dad reported in that I’ve been a delight since arriving at my new home.  The kids love me and I’ve been very clam and relaxed.  They say I fit right in!  You bet I do…I’m home!  Stay tuned…there’s going to be lots of stories!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Jordy