** My New Family ** George

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“The dance floor is alive with beauty, mystery and danger. Oh won’t you, baby, be in my book of dreams?”  I dream all the time. I dreamed of a nice home, a loving owner…you know, a dog’s life. And that’s just what I got when I went with my new mom & dad, Susan & Jeff, to their loving forever home! I’m having so much fun here. My new four-legged best friend is Monroe, he’s a Beagle mix…so a mix like me fits right in! I have another friend named BB Fritz. He’s a Schnauzer mix…but he’s older, more mature and just likes to supervise me and Monroe! I also have another adult named Emily and she’s a dog sitter that comes by to take care of us when needed. I have everything here….loving owners, loving friends and lots of fun! It’s perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – George.