** My New Family ** Iris (previously Colista)

Smylie Family July 2, 2016     IMG_1401

“Dear Bad Luck – Let’s break up!” Some dogs get lucky. Some don’t. Some dogs get very lucky! I’m one of those that had some bad luck and am now one of the very lucky ones! That’s because, first, I was rescued by SRT (who paid for some expensive FHO surgery so I could walk again) and, second, I’ve got the most loving forever home in the world! I’m with my new mom & dad, Libby & Tom, in their loving forever home. I’m on the far left of this picture by mom. I also have three four-legged best friends named Logan (next to me in the family picture and next to me in the dog bed, who was adopted from SRT and also one of SRT’s ‘special projects’), then Evan and then Erin on the end! We love to play together and at night, everyone climbs into mom & dad’s bed! Dad doesn’t get much room but the rest of us, including Mom, are quite happy! Mom reports it that I’m doing great! We all play together so well. Erin is even losing weight and her insulin has been reduced! I brought some positive change with me! I’m so blessed to be part of this loving home.  Mom reports in that they love me completely! You can’t beat that! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Iris