** My New Family ** Cece

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“You said goodbye, words cold as ice. It’s funny what a little time does, baby. I’m stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then. I’m better than you left me.”  Sometimes it works out for the better.  Sometimes it works out perfect!  And perfect is just what happened to me when my foster parents decided to become my forever parents!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Christine & Randy, and my human sister, Kayleigh!  I’ve got two four-legged Schnauzer friends, Macey & Mallory.  They are a lot of fun.  Mom laughs that my part-Schnauzer temperament is better than her purebreds!  Well, maybe I just tried harder….I knew I wanted to be here forever! It’s the perfect place!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Cece