** My New Family ** Buttercup

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“It’s a funny thing when your world falls down;  It’s got a way of showing you what you’re all about.  Now Dixie’s got her wheels pointed south and she ain’t never looking back.  Nobody knew she was brave like that.  Ain’t nothing stronger than the heart of Dixie!”  Sometimes the outlook doesn’t seem that good.  Sometimes you just have to fight on.  I’m like that.  A strong heart!  And my patience and persistence paid off!  I landed in the loving arms of my new mom & dad, Diana & Brian, and my two great human siblings, Jana & Sean!  We’re always together!  We’re having so much fun together!  Mom reports in that they love me already and they call me a little doll!  I’ve been such a lady!  And who wouldn’t want to be the best dog ever when you’re in the best home ever with the best people ever?!!  It’s absolutely perfect here!  At SRT, it really as All About Me!  Hugs – Buttercup