Boy Bear

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“Oh, it doesn’t matter what they say in the papers, ’cause it’s always been the same old scene.  There’s a new band in town but you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine;  Aimed at your average teen.  Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the new sound, funny, but it’s still rock and roll to me!”  Times are a changing.  These young kids have a new word for just about everything…like it’s something really new.  But most things just stay the same. Kind of like a man and his dog.  That never goes out of style.  Companionship.  There’s just not other words that describe it!  I’m Boy Bear…if you say it fast, it sounds like Boyds Bear!  I’m a kidder.  I’m a male Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about nine years old and I weigh about fourteen pounds.  My previous owner died and, well, keeping up with a dog and his needs wasn’t easy in the end.  I like the human friends I’ve met but I would do better around older children. I’m generally fine with other dogs.  I am crate trained and I’m house trained too. I’ve got a lot of love I can share!  I just completed cataract surgery. One bad eye had to be removed but I’m like a new man with my other eye! I can see again. Click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Boy Bear, as a dog of interest. My adoption fee is a donation of your choosing.