** My New Family ** Bandit

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“Watching TV and has nobody and no one at all.  Deep sweet and bitter, spoon and a plate for breakfast.  Hot frosted creamy, he was only dreaming.  Hot chocolate boy!”  I wanted a family who would think of yummy hot chocolate  every time they looked at me.  And I got all that and more when my new mom & dad, Shannon & Carey, chose me to join their loving forever home!  I’ve got two great human siblings, Abigail & Porter!  I think Abigail is giving me the ‘he’s cool’ sign!  Like hot chocolate!  Mom reported in that the family is already in love with me! I’m fitting in perfectly!  And ‘perfect’ is just what I think about when I think of my new home! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Bandit