** My New Family ** Aurora


“Before I met him I was so sane and grounded;  Before he taught me how to lie, and crawl out the window.  ‘Cause that cowboy taught me how to cry;  And how to let go.”  I let go of the past and focused on my future…and that’s when my new mom, Stephanie, walked into my life! I was in Amarillo by morning! Dad travels for work a lot so me and my two four-legged friends, Raider & Kali, get to travel with mom everywhere! I even get to go to New Mexico to visit grandma! This place is going to be the home I’ve dreamed about. It’s a wonderful place. A perfect place! Mom reports in that I’ve adjusted nicely and that it feels like I’ve been with her forever! She says I’m perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Aurora