** My New Family ** Audi

IMG_2700     Audi - 2

“This is my desire to honor you!  I give you my heart.  I give you my soul.  I live for you alone – every breath that I take, every moment I’m awake!”  I couldn’t wait.  I was ready to live for my owner like there’s no one else in all the world!  I told them – my name is Audi and I’m fast.  Smooth.  Easy to handle.  Great around the curves.  Yep, that’s me! And that’s exactly the kind of gal that my new family was looking for!  I’ve got the whole family here!  I’m going to call Julie & Kenneth my grandma & grandpa.  And I’m going to call Lauren & Kameron, my mom & dad!  But it doesn’t really matter because there’s so much love here, everyone is a mom & dad!  I’ve got a huge yard to run in and I’m having so much fun! I keep out the squirrels (and I get a treat when I do it)!  That’s the ticket!  My home is perfect!  Lauren reports in that I’ve been amazing and that they couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect!  I adjusted well to all my family members and all their friends.  It’s fun to be loved!  Perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Audi