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“If you let this train roll down these tracks; Going to wish you tried to talk me back.  Boy, you’re going to miss everything we had;  If you let this train roll down these tracks!”  I gave them a chance.  I really did.  But they never really wanted me anyway and I did just what I said…I rolled on down the tracks.  But then there was SRT and now maybe there’s you.  I’m Angel and I’m a female, black Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a natural tail.  I’m just one year old and I weigh about twelve pounds.  I’m a friendly girl and, like all young girls, I just want to have fun! I like human company and I’m a really good snuggled.  After we play that is.  First things first.  You’ll like that I’m quiet!  And calm for a young girl.  I think I might be good around children…they should be lots of fun…but I haven’t been tested with any just yet.  I also like other dogs, my toys and just any time that I can spend with my owner!  I’m not yet fond of the leash…it scares me a bit for some reason…but I know that soon I’ll be loving my daily walks.  I also did well riding in the that adds some new fun things we can do together too!  I’m crate trained and working on my house training skills. I almost have it!  If you want an angel in your home, just click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Angel, as a dog of interest.  My adoption fee is $400.