** My New Family ** Lucy (previously Ally)

IMG_5284     Scruffy - Adopted

A long road with no end in sight.  That’s the way it felt when I first came to SRT.  Boy, was I wrong!  When they say ‘It’s All About Me’, they really mean it!  I was fixed up in a jiffy and then, the most wonderful thing of all happened.  I was adopted into the most loving family!  I’ve got a great new mom & dad, Frada & John.  And I’ve got two big brothers, Justin & Hunter and a nice sister too, Taylor!  And then there’s my new best four-legged friend, Dixie!  We are getting along great!  There’s also two other four legged friends.  Furry ones.  We’re still studying each other….but I know it’s best to just let Dixie show me where the treats are!  Let’s go!  I’m loving life here in Leander!  At SRT, it really was ‘All About Me’!  Hugs – Lucy