** My New Family ** Bridget (previously Abby Ann)

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“No regrets, not this time;  I’m gonna let my heart defeat my mind.  Let your love make me whole!  I don’t wanna go through the motions.  I don’t wanna spend my whole life asking ‘what if I had given everything instead of going through the motions'”.  Nope, this time I’m going to give it all I got.  And I’m giving it all I got with my new mom & dad, Jenny & Gary!  I’ve also got two great human siblings, Cate & Julie!  And, on top of all that, I have a four-legged ‘sister’ named Bella! What a great family.  What a great home!  What a great life!  Mom reports in that I’m doing ‘absolutely amazing’! She also sent in this cute picture of me and Bella. At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Bridget