Gertie Breaux


“Now the sun will rise brightly; As if no tragedy had passed in the night. Do not keep night inside you; Surround it in eternal light!” A young life that didn’t begin with the best of circumstances. Pushed out of a vehicle by one family. Assisted by another. Rescued by SRT. Fostered in a loving home. Adopted into another loving home. If she could, Gertie might tell you it was a wonderful path, a path of increasing love and attention. And Gertie would say, ‘what more could a girl ask for’? But while she received so much, she also gave so much. A disability never slowed her down and taught us that being ‘perfect’ doesn’t require ‘perfection’. A terrible tragedy took you away too soon and left many hearts aching. You will never be forgotten. We were glad to be part of your life for a short while….and we miss you!

With Much Love,
Your foster family – The Robinson’s (Shane, Michelle, Rilee & Rorie and Ella & Izzy)

SRT Note:  The Robinson family has made a generous donation to SRT in remembrance of Gertie (previously Bindi).  A thank you to the family for being a foster family and for your support.